I remember very well when my dad showed me these Disney character drawing tutorial books. He always used to draw characters from those books in his free time and encouraged me to do so as well. It’s these tutorials where you sketch a few circles, some lines and then through that “grid” slowly shape up the Disney figure. It got me even more excited about drawing. It was a great inspiration for my passion of making art.

Thanks dad, for your endless encouragement.

Below, I’ve collected a selection of some free artworks that I made.

I've always had a fascination for 3D interior/architecture design. It's these perfect, serene and imaginative worlds that I've always wanted to walk around in that are made through this form of art. On the road to becoming acquainted with the practice myself, I study the matter through sketches like this.
I'm still defining my artistic style in which I mostly seem to combine elements of architecture and my love for the human body.
This is the first of a series called 'An Ode to Self-love'. Choosing to get to know your own body, your own boundaries, your own wants & needs, your own (body)language, is a courageous decision. In this journey to discovery, I'm trying to get closer to those aspects of myself by pouring it into art.
A collection of three illustrations I made for the Pleasure Society.
The first ever murals I made in my own, cosy home.