Pleasure Society is a platform that takes you by the hand in the world of sex. It tells stories about sexuality that we don’t speak enough about and that break through the taboo on sex. The stories are told by its community providing a more complete and inclusive image of sex with each story told.

It was as if Pleasure Society held the key that opened the door for me to fall into the warm, exciting, thrilling, hot and sensitive world of sex. My dream to make a difference in the sex industry, fits perfectly into the collaboration with Pleasure Society. I stepped in at the very beginning stage of the platform. Together with the awesome team, we created the brand identity from scratch and nurtured it into the evolving imagery that reflects Pleasure Society’s character.

With great pride, I can now say that I’m officially the co-founder of Pleasure Society! I’m looking forward to the evolutions the platform will go through and all the lessons and adventures we will gain from it.

Next to my role as art director, I’ve also had the opportunity to start writing my own column. This column is about another subject that’s close to my heart: polyamory. If you’re interested in those — and you’re a Dutchie — you can find ‘de eenzaamheid van polyamorie’ on the website.

On this page, you will find an overview of the brand identity I’ve created.

This is the website design I made for the Pleasure Society and you are now looking at the homepage. Some keywords that describe the ambience that the Pleasure Society carries are: soft, sensual, artistic, accessible & fiery.

Instagram is our main source of building a community. Every article we post on our website, get's the treatment of a tasteful social media post to promote it.

The Pleasure Society logo.