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Gray Label is a timeless children’s apparel brand that sells garments that are extremely soft, good for human and planet and break the norm of screaming colours and busy prints by only using soft-toned colours.

When the brand was merely two years old, I started at Gray Label as an intern. From that moment on our working relationship was made to last. I got to witness and participate in the growth of the brand from a very early point. As a result, I speak the Gray Label language fluently.

Back in the day, my responsibilities consisted of creating packshots — I simply made do with a white piece of paper and my camera — and banners that would be shown on the website. I also helped out at the photoshoots which was always an adorable event with all those kids. Later on I started developing the catalogue which turned out to be a yearly project up until 2021.

With each passing year, Gray Label grew closer and closer towards the cool, conscious and timeless brand that it is today. I had the honour to co-create important facets of the branding including packaging, hangtags, posters, ads, flyers, newsletters and much more.

Below, you will find a selection of the many projects I participated in.

A collection of print work I made throughout the years; packaging mock-ups, look books and catalogues.

Here you see a snippet of the buying guide I designed for the Autumn / Winter '21 collection. This guide is meant to take the buyer by the hand into the new collection, inspire them with the new campaign and help them pick an order that suits their needs.

A few pages of one of the catalogues I made. The form of the catalogue changed over the years. It started out as a physical book and turned into an online buying guide later on like you can see above.

Here you see a few pages of the look books I created to give the customers a taste of the new collection.

Here, you see the digital mock-ups of the packaging design I designed for Gray Label. I created the first box as the initial packaging for the Night- & Underwear collection. But upon reviewing the box, we figured we needed to reduce the amount of material and came up with the second design in the form of a paper bag.

This is the hangtag I designed for all of their clothing.