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Gray Label is a timeless children’s apparel brand that sells garments that are extremely soft, good for human and planet and break the norm of screaming colours and busy prints by only using soft-toned colours.

When the brand was merely two years old, I started at Gray Label as an intern. From that moment on our working relationship was made to last. I got to witness and participate in the growth of the brand from a very early point. As a result, I speak the Gray Label language fluently.

Back in the day, my responsibilities consisted of creating packshots — I simply made do with a white piece of paper and my camera — and banners that would be shown on the website. I also helped out at the photoshoots which was always an adorable event with all those kids. Later on I started developing the catalogue which turned out to be a yearly project up until 2021.

With each passing year, Gray Label grew closer and closer towards the cool, conscious and timeless brand that it is today. I had the honour to co-create important facets of the branding including packaging, hangtags, posters, ads, flyers, newsletters and much more.

Below, you will find a selection of the many projects I participated in.

A collection of printwork I made throughout the years.

Packaging design — I created the first box as the initial packaging for the Night- & Underwear collection. But upon reviewing the box, we figured we needed to reduce the amount of material and came up with the second design in the form of a bag.

The new hangtag.

These are some adorable packshots I made back in the day when we used to shoot them by hand.

A few pages of one of the catalogues I made. The form of the catalogue changed over the years. It started out as a book, changed to sheets later on to simplify the ordering process and finally turned into an online buying guide.

For the new rental service of Gray Label, I created some icons to support the instructions of the service.