A new way to experience sex. No taboos and genderfluid, led by feelings. That’s the definition of Flux.

We no longer want to feel obligated to decide whether we are male, female, gay or bisexual. For this reason, I created a campaign in which Durex embraces that sexual journey and, expands its collection of contraceptives. This way, we never have to worry about the safety of our multigendered, sexual adventures.

This was my graduation project. A story from the heart translated in to a fictional campaign for Durex.

This was the main poster for the campaign. The story behind the photo's is quite beautiful. As if it was meant to be, I managed to put together a group of models that all felt a big part of their sexuality is 'just looking for a connection regardless of gender'.

In this book I combined the research with my personal view on the matter into one story.

Because contraceptives usually have such an unattractive association to them, I wanted to put them in a new light. A more appealing, soft, sexy light. Besides that, the most common contraceptive is the condom. I wanted to give the female condom and dental dam a little bit of that spotlight, too.

Even though the filming of this clip was quite thrilling, the chemistry between everyone that day was incredibly special. Together we created a beautiful, sensual image that displays the tenderness of sex.