If there is one person who knows how to translate the true essence of a brand into an image, it’s Beatrice Jolly. She works from the inside out meaning that she knows how to dig deep to the core of a company and shape it into a brand identity, campaign or concept that just hits the mark.

Straight away we established a close relationship, getting more tuned into each other’s creative minds after every next project. It turned into a work relationship that lasted many years. She and I have fused our skills in art direction and graphic design and used it to create some pretty great projects together. Here, on this page, you will find a selection of our collaborative work.

Be sure to check out Beatrice’s work, too:

While creating Beatrice's brand identity, we played around with the logo.

The inspiration for the branding of this rental service was very clear; Delfs Blauw and the typical Amsterdam houses.

At the beginning of the pandemic Keep Hands Clean immediately started the initiative of  disinfection stations. We designed two different stations that were spread all throughout the Netherlands.

Over the years we made various presentations for all sorts of brands. Here, you see a few slides of the many presentations we made.